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Siporo Mentawai isle
Stock Culture
Siporo Mentawai
(date unknown)

[keywords]Black & white image, tattoo[/keywords]
Patricia Steur   

Stock Culture 

Samoa 1982

[keywords]stock, travel, family, child, black & white image[/keywords]
Patricia Steur   

Stock Culture Tattoo 
Jason with child

From the book Dedicated by Blood, 
available at www.patriciasteur.com

[keywords]tattoo, stock, child, profile, full length, naked[/keywords]
Patricia Steur   

Stock Culture Woman with hat smoking in Indonesia (Date Unknown)

[keywords]smoking, hat, indonesia[/keywords]
Patricia Steur   

Stock Culture 
Man with Tribal tattoo in Indonesia (date unknown)

[keywords]tattoo, Indonesia, Hat, Smoking[/keywords]
Patricia Steur